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    Skin care is one of the key elements in life we need to pay attention to before we start a beautiful love story with make-up. Nourishing the skin is a continuous process from which there is no rest.

    Continuous daily skin routine is needed to ensure proper care and hydration, all in accordance with your skin type. From normal to dry over the combination and oily skin, each needs its own set of products that suit the skin and which will be used at least twice a day.

    It is necessary to adjust skincare routine to your skin type it skins requirements. Although there are some rules of keeping the skin healthy, it is best to combine products that suit you and that show tangible results in improving the appearance of the skin.


    It is best to start your routine by cleaning the face, whether it is morning or evening cleaning. We clean the skin in the mornings to refresh it and prepare it for the day, whereas night cleaning is important mainly for cleaning the skin from all makeup residue and impurities that are on the skin.

    Here is an idea how to keep your skin good looking with some of the Givenchy products.

    Cleanser comes from the skincare line Clean it all. Make-Off Emulsion removes impurities from the skin. It can be used morning and evening as necessary. Easy to use and is also a substitute for specific cleaners for the eye area.

    This cleanser is for all skin types, but I would recommend it especially for dry skin, because it does not dry it out. It comes in packs of 125 ml, with a hygienic pump which dispenses product very well. The emulsion is applied to the face and eye area by rubbing it in a circular motion, removing it only with cotton pads, but you can also rinse it out with water. And that's it! Smell is typical Givenchy fresh scent that is characteristic of all skincare products, and I love it. Lingers long after you put in on the skin, and frankly, there's no better feeling than when you hug or kiss someone and when you smell the freshness of the face.


    The next step in skin care, especially dry skin, is applying the serum. To further maintain hydration and stimulate cell renewal, serum is applied to the face before moisturizer. For me this is Vax'in for youth serum. Daily treatment for the preservation of youth that is designed for all skin types over 25 years of age. The product comes in a metallic box of 30 ml and a window through which it is possible to see the remaining amount of the product. Price is 645 Kn.
    Apply in a circular motion on the face and neck.
    Nice and easy.


    You can take care of your eye area with Luminescence Moisturizing Eye-Reviver gel from Hydra Sparkling line. It may be applied before moisturizer. It revitalizes dark circles and a gives a fresher look. Product comes in tubes of 15 ml. Price of the product is 315 Kn.

    The last stop of skincare is applying a cream to your face. Velvet Luminescence Moisturizing Cream is also from Hydra Sparkling line. Mine is for normal to combination skin.
    Product is in light blue, firm, glass packaging and there is 50 ml of the product. The price of this one is 391 Kn.

    Hydrates great, glides under your fingers and leaves a wonderfully soft feeling on your face that will get noticed even by your better halfs! Guaranteed!


    With these couple of steps, the skin is fresh, protected and moisturized. There are a few little tricks to keep an eye on:

    * When applying products on your face, keep in mind that you need to have clean hands, especially if you product is in a pot.
    * Do not apply too much product on your face because it can contribute to the creation of pimples.
    * Adjust your routine for seasons, weather conditions and age. In winter you can use something with richer formula, whereas in summer you can put the emphasis on products with a high SPF.
    * Nothing horrible will happen if you miss a day, just pick up where you left off :)

    The final step in creating a seamless "canvas" is the Hydra Sparkling BB cream that is not only a make-up product, but a moisturizing cream with SPF 30. Hydrates, fills pores, reduces redness and imperfections on the face and protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays. It comes in a 40 ml tube and the product price is 289 Kn.
    There is only one shade that adapts to all skin tones. Best application results are while applying it with a stippling brush in very small amounts. The texture is somewhat liquid-ish but do not let that fool you, because during the application it has a strong overlay. It takes very little product to cover the entire face. It is not necessary to mattify the face after application.



    Hydra Sparkling product line

    The sparkling source of luminescent moisture. For skin that’s glowing with radiance...

    Givenchy has created Hydra Sparkling, the new radiance-enhancing line of moisturizers with the Sparkling Water Complex®. A moisturizer that is thirst-quenching, energizing and exhilarating! An exceptional technology that traps moisture within the skin through a sparkling “effervescence”. The skin is intensely rehydrated and fully re-energized, glowing with radiance.

    The moisturizing technologies have become more sophisticated, and so have the textures. The Hydra Sparkling line with the Sparkling Water Complex®* offers four innovative skincare products, each with its own velvety texture. A sparkling colour code: a duo of bright blue and silver to symbolize hydration, sparkling freshness and luminescence; plus a fresh, delicate olfactory signature. b2ap3_thumbnail_Givenchy-Hidra-Sparkling-linija.jpg
    I hope you have already tried Givenchy skin care line!

    In the next Givenchy Make-up Academy post more about Vax'in for youth line of skin care products.



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